• Koreya Anan
    Koreya Anan
    Born in Oita prefecture in 1972. Ceramist based in Oita-shi.Learned ceramic painting in Arita, the home of ceramics then became an independent ceramist. Continues to creates Hakuji and Seihakuji blue-white porcelain in Oita.
  • Shingo Arakawa
    Shingo Arakawa
    Born in Miyazaki prefecture in 1978. Currently making pottery in Nichinan, Miyazaki.After studying under the potter, Ryuichi Kakurezaki, in Bizen, Okayama prefecture, and began working independently. From his clay to his glazes, he makes all of his supplies by hand. His iron rust glaze pots are a deep.
  • Makoto Ishida
    Makoto Ishida
    Born in Ehime prefecture in 1965. Ceramist based in Matsuyama-shi, Ehime prefecture. Matsuyama produces Komode ceramic ware with a gentle feel and Nanban Yakishime wares using the wood firing technique with porcelain clay from Tobe. All his pieces have an undeniable charm that exudes warmth.
  • Atsushi Ogata
    Atsushi Ogata
    Born 1960 in Tokyo Graduated from Aichi Prefectural College of Ceramic Engineering, 1996 Set up independent workshop in Seto, Aichi Prefecture, 1998 Moved to mountain valley in Uda, Nara Prefecture, 2007 Set up downdraft wood-fired kiln, 2009
  • Teppei Ono
    Teppei Ono
    Born in Ehime in 1958. Ceramist based in Kami-shi, Kochi prefecture. Following time spent as an apprentice in Tokoname, he relocated to a terraced rice field area on the foothills of Kochi prefecture’s beautiful mountains. Creator of bold and reliable vessels for daily use which comfort the users. The vessels are inspired by the simplicity, warmth and rustic richness he nurtured within himself during trips to various Asian countries and India. His work is bold and laid back.
  • Nobuhiko Oyama
    Nobuhiko Oyama
    Born in 1967 in Kumamoto prefecture. Ceramist based in Tokoname-shi, Aichi prefecture. After completing the coursework at Tokoname Tounomori Ceramics Lab, he then became an independent ceramist in Tokoname. Utilizing the clay of Tokoname, he is known for his warm Kohiki style that maintains the sheen. He creates utsuwa that is repeatedly held in the palm of the hand in our everyday life.
  • Yoshio Kangawa
    Yoshio Kangawa
    Born in Yamaguchi prefecture in 1963. Ceramist based in Hiroshima-shi. Creator of utsuwa with various expressions, such as earthenware with defined features using the wood firing technique and semi-porcelain named Hakuji and Katade.
  • Yaku Murakami
    Yaku Murakami
    Born 1967 in Tokyo Graduated from the Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design, Advanced Course, 1992 Begins producing works as a molding artist Begins creating ceramics, 1998 Currently works as a ceramist in Kanagawa.
  • Yuji Muraki
    Yuji Muraki
    Born 1953 in Yokohama, Japan Graduated from Tokyo Designer Gakuin College, 1975 Graduated from Seto Ceramics Training School, 1976 Joined Moritoki Otani Kiln, Tokushima Prefecture, 1976 Set up independent workshop in Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture, 1980 Set up climbing kiln, 2010
  • Shin Murata
    Shin Murata
    Born in Kyoto in 1970. Ceramist based in Kyoto. Specializes in Sometsuke underglaze painting and Hakuji that are modeled after Koimari and vessels from the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. He is popular for his ceramic painting that he paints with a humorous touch. He also has a studio in “Muan” in South Korea.
  • Toru Hatta
    Toru Hatta
    Born in 1977 in Ishikawa prefecture. Ceramist based in Sakai-shi, Osaka. With a passion to pursue the exploration of clay, he creates Kohiki and Mishima paying a great deal of attention to the glaze. With the Mishima plates the color of the clay and the engraved white pattern lines are well balanced, easy for a novice user since the utsuwa complements the coloring of both Japanese and Western cuisine.
  • Katsunori Yaoita
    Katsunori Yaoita
    Born in Niigata prefecture in 1969. Ceramist based in Nagaoka-shi, Niigata prefecture. Creates colorful utsuwa and objects that are full of poetic sentiment. The nostalgic halftone shades are reminiscent of well-known landscapes that express his unique view of the world.
  • Takuya Yokoyama
    Takuya Yokoyama
    Born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1973. Ceramist in Tajimi-shi, Gifu prefecture. Known for his impressive utsuwa which is created by several layers of white slip coating over black terracotta. His work stands out in their unique form and presence that has an appearance of tranquility and strength showing the inner beauty of the line of clay.
  • Banri Yoshioka
    Banri Yoshioka
    Born in 1963 in Nara prefecture. Ceramist based in Sakurai-shi, Nara prefecture. His workshop is located near Hase-dera in Nara, adjacent to a clear stream. Specializes in Hakeme brushmark slip, Kohiki and Iroe Overglaze enameling. His utsuwa are cheerful giving the impression of encouragement. Popular among people of all ages.
  • Takaaki Yoshida
    Takaaki Yoshida
    Born in Fukuoka prefecture in 1976. Ceramist based in Chikushino-shi, Fukuoka prefecture. Started full-fledged ceramic making in Arita then after becoming an independent ceramist has been creating utsuwa with Sometsuke, based on his passion with traditional early Imari patterns.
  • Naotsugu Yoshida
    Naotsugu Yoshida
    Born in Shizuoka prefecture in 1976. Ceramist based in Gotemba, Shizuoka prefecture. Studied under the Hakuji ceramist, Taizo Kuroda. After becoming an independent ceramist, started creating black utsuwa characterized by Tetsuyu iron glaze with beautiful form and deep shades. Recent Hakuji vessels are showing a deeper depth of texture and coloring.
  • Keiichi Mimata
    Keiichi Mimata
    Born in Hokkaido in 1957.
    Glass artist based in Sapporo. He is a third generation glass artist of the oldest glass workshop in Hokkaido. While preserving the history of the studio, he also creates his original blown glass products. His glass works have a form that is elegant and tender which radiates warmth and can be used throughout the year.
  • Hiroaki Yazawa
    Hiroaki Yazawa
    Born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1977. Currently making lacquerware in Kamakura city.Born into a family of Kamakura-bori craftsmen, he used lacquerware throughout his childhood, and was raised knowing the beauty of the lacquerware he engaged with daily. His lacquer bowls made from wood from trees native to Japan, like Japanese cherry and katsura, are popular for their simplicity and elegance.
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