SHOKEN IZU Grand Opening Yaku Murakami solo exhibition “Original Form”

As the grand opening exhibition of SHOKEN IZU, we are pleased to present Yaku Murakami’s exhibition.

We are pleased to present “archetypal”, an exhibition of Murakami’s hand-built pottery works.

Grand Opening Yaku Murakami’s exhibition “archetype” will be held from October 9 (Fri.) to 15 (Thu.), 2020, 12:00 to 17:00, with the artist appearing at the gallery. Please change the “izu☆☆” sign to “@” and send us a MAIL for reservations.

Reservation times12:00-13:00-14:00-14:00-15:00-16:00- 2 parking spaces availableSHOKEN IZU 903-136 Futo, Ito-shi, Shizuoka 413-0231, JapanFor detailed map, please visit the SHOKEN IZU official website.


Original Form

It has been 20 years since I began making works using bowls.

During that time, I have continued to create my works using hand forming- a technique that some may consider somewhat ‘primitive’. The reason for this is because I believe hand forming is the technique that is best suited to creating bowls that have a sense of ambiguity and combine two elements that, upon first glance, appear contrasting. Examples of this include heaviness and lightness, or tension and laxation. More than anything, I believe that the time that passes as I work together as one with the earth I use for each work, resonates with the passage of my own time.

Witnessing the opening of a new gallery in Izu has made me want to reconsider a new starting point of my own.

My bowls keep a sense of independence as a work, while also maintaining their functionality as utensils. There is a shape that comes into being when taking the ideas of the hand forming technique, the bowl as a utensil, and functionality all into consideration, and it is that form that, to me, is precisely what defines what the “original form” of a bowl is.

Yaku Murakami