Setsuro’s Sketchbook

At the time of writing Setsuro, I borrowed his sketchbook, in which Setsuro Ono had been drawing up until now, as a primary source. One of the pieces was printed in the book Setsuro: Water-Drawn Grass. All things considered, the drawings etched into the sketchbook were quite dear... It truly would have been a shame if they had only been viewed alone. Derived from the sentiment that these drawings had best become picture postcards... This book is the fruition of such a postcard book.
Date of publication : First printing May 17, 2006
Illustration: Setsuro Ono
Edit: Tomoo Shoken
Book design: Keita Kamei
Publisher: Setsuro Project
Publishing : Rutles Inc.

© Tomoo Shoken
printed in japan
ISBN4-89977-158-4 c0071