We will hold “Qusamura Space planting exhibition” in Clematis no oka.

“Qusamura” which suggests original beauty to a concept with a plant performing a good face.
A plant full of the personality that Kohei Oda of the storekeeper collected from all over Japan and the first collaboration with the ceramist were realized.
Please look by all means at this opportunity.
All the works sell it.
In addition, I hold gallery talking by Oda titled “a plant diagnosis of Kohei Oda” on August 12 during the session.
He teaches how to raise fleshy plants, how to get along.
A regular holiday is every Wednesday
Teppei Ono Yoshio Kangawa Aki Tamiya Keita Matsunaga Naotsugu Yoshida Yaku Murakami

We will hold talking event “Plant diagnosis of Kohei Oda” on August 12.





347-1 Clematis no Oka Higashino
Nagaizumicho Shizuoka 411-0931 Japan.