Ryuji Iwasaki’s exhibition will be held at John Smedley’s Kyoto store, a long-established British knitwear brand

We will be holding a Ryuuji Iwasaki exhibition at the John Smedley Kyoto store, a long-standing knitwear brand in the UK. The world of Ryuuji Iwasaki, a vessel artist whose rich and voluptuous evolution of gradations further deepens the elegance of lines and beautiful colors, will be introduced in Kyoto following Kamakura. John Smedley’s knitwear boasts a tradition of about 230 years, with designs and seasonal collections that never fade despite the passage of time, and a rich color palette. The collaboration between knitwear and vessels, which enriches our daily lives, is something to be enjoyed again this year.

Ryuuji Iwasaki FORM/COLOUR VOL.2 Exhibition dates: February 23, 2023 (Thu./holiday) – March 13, 2023 (Mon.) Artist in attendance: February 23, 2023 (Thu./holiday) Venue: JOHN SMEDLEY Kyoto store Address: Shinkan Bldg. 1F, 586-2 Banocho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Tel: 075-708-7878 Hours: 11:00 – 20:00 Directly connected to the south exit of Kyoto Municipal Subway “Karasuma Oike” Station Website: www.johnsmedley.jp

Ryuuji Iwasaki was born in Osaka in 1980. He graduated from Osaka College of Art in 2000. After polishing his skills in the world of traditional crafts, he established a studio in Tondabayashi City, Osaka Prefecture in 2012 to create vessels. Cooperation / Utsuwa Shoken KAMAKURA.