Stimulate your senses with pots. Exhibition “Tsubo-ru” at SFT Gallery, The National Art Center, Tokyo 

The key word is “Kenssei no kyosho. Tomoo Shoken, a gallerist, and Hirofumi Watanabe, an art director, who have been planning various exhibitions of vases from their unique perspectives, plan an exhibition of vases and start the “Tsubo-ru Project” with more than 10 creators. They will propose vases as a new culture. At the core of the project is the desire to convey the “primitive strength” of vases made of clay and fire, as the world is undergoing major changes. As the first phase of the project, we will hold the “Tsuboru” exhibition at the SFT Gallery on the ground floor of the National Art Center, Tokyo from March 24, 2021, introducing 200 new vases by seven artists. At the venue, “TSUBORU” T-shirts will be available for purchase, and a record stand that plays music by analyzing the unevenness and form of the pots with AI will be staged. The exhibition will be suitable for those who are interested in pottery and vessels, as well as young people and foreigners who have not been exposed to pots before.

Exhibiting artists: Shingo Arakawa, Atsushi Ogata, Shohei Ono, Teppei Ono, Aki Tamiya, Toru Hatta, Naotsugu Yoshida
The National Art Center, Tokyo B1F, 7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo TEL 03-6812-9933 Hours: 10:00-18:00Closed: Tuesdays (open on national holidays and closed the following day) Closed the following day)

Planning/tsuboru project
Utsuwa Shoken KAMAKURA Curator Shoken Tomoo
Creative Director: Hirofumi Watanabe
Art Director Hirofumi Watanabe Yusuke Koyanagi
Photographer Yusuke Nishibe
Video Director Takashi Yamaguchi
Copywriter Yuto Ogawa
Designer Masaya Dozaiku Daiya Karakama
Communication Director Yohei Mori
Bling Director Keizo Kumakura, Yamada Photoengraving Co.
Printing cooperation: NISSHO Corporation, Masaho Ohta
Yusuke Koyanagi, Creator, Tsubo Record Stand Production Team
Generative Sound Design Katsuhiro Chiba
Creative technologists Shintaro Murakami, Momoka Nakayama, Ryonosuke Axe

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