At the world-known D&AD Awards in London, Utsuwa Shoken’s Utsuwa poster received an award.

At the D&AD Awards 2019, Utsuwa Shoken’s Utsuwa
poster creation received the Wood Pencil, which is equivalent to a bronze prize.
The slogan was “Even if you break, I will love you. I love you always forever.”
We expressed in both English and Japanese the heartfelt sentiment of repairing a
broken bowl and showing it love. Kodaira Masayoshi’s typography combined with a
monochrome photo resulted in the poster receiving a prize. We are thankful
beyond words.
The D&AD Award is known for the strictness of the
judging, and is a globally recognized design and advertising award. This award
was established in 1962 by the nonprofit organization D&AD (British Design
& Art Direction) in London with the goal of encouraging and backing
creativity in advertising.
Details of the work that won the award are as follows.
D&AD Awards 2019 Wood Pencil /
Design : Masayoshi Kodaira(FLAME)
Photography : Yusuke Nishibe 
Text : Tomoo Shoken 
Printing Direction: Keizo Kumakura (Yamada Photo Process
Printing: Yamada Photo Process Co.,Ltd
The poster won a well known poster award at the
“International Poster Triennial in Toyama,” and last year was displayed at
Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design.