Toru Hatta solo exhibition

We will hold Toru Hatta Solo Exhibition.

Session: From Saturday, August 4  to Monday, August  13, 2018

Closed: Every Tuesday
Kotobuki House 2nd Floor, 1-6-13 Komachi, Kamakura City 248-0006

Toru Hatta

Born in 1977 in Ishikawa prefecture. Ceramist based in Sakai-shi, Osaka. With a passion to pursue the exploration of clay, he creates Kohiki and Mishima paying a great deal of attention to the glaze. With the Mishima plates the color of the clay and the engraved white pattern lines are well balanced, easy for a novice user since the utsuwa complements the coloring of both Japanese and Western cuisine. Carefully engraved lines give the vessel a modern look that adds attractiveness to the dining table with a non lacquered surface that matures through use.