To love the Utsuwa

To love the Utsuwa (=vessel) is to love the everyday. Coffee cups, teacups, plates, and rice bowls, for example. If one is able to find a trustworthy vessel of their own and love the time they spend with it, that person will almost certainly be able to overcome both loneliness and hatred. While they cannot speak to us, we would like to live a sublime and spiritually rich life with these beautiful and trustworthy vessels.
Date of publication : First printing October 30, 2016
Author: Tomoo Shoken
Photographs: Tomoo Shoken, Yuko Ookoso
Book design: Issen Okamoto, Onoda Shoko, Matsumoto Takanori(Issen Okamoto design office)
Publisher: Isao Onodera
Publishing : Kawadeshoboshinsha
Printing & Binding: Toppan inc.

© Tomoo Shoken
printed in japan
ISBN978-4-309-27772-1 c0077