Teppei Ono’s long-awaited first compilation work. Includes 125 works from his early days all the way up to his most recent works.
The photographs of the workshop were taken by the photographer Shingo Wakagi. This is a beautiful volume which shows his change in style over the years along with his unchanging and powerful work with the earth.
Date of publication : First printing Decenber 8, 2015
Author:Teppei Ono
Produce and edit:Tomoo Shoken(Utsuwa Shoken)
Photographs: Shingo Wakagi, Tetsuro Hirose
Art direction: Masaya Kudo(KINGCON DESIGN))
Design: Eri Morosawa(KINGCON DESIGN))
Translation: JEX Limited

Publisher: Hideaki Yasuda
Published: Seigensha art Publishing Inc.

Production management: Sosuke Tanaka(Seigensha)
Printing & Binding: Yamada photo process, inc.
Printing direction: Katsumi Kumakura ( Yamada photo process, inc. )
Production management: Toshiki Itakura( Yamada photo process, inc. )

© Teppei Ono
printed in japan
ISBN978-4-86152-519-3 c0072