Kind Vegetables, Kind Utsuwa

Co-authored with Yosuke Ichikawa, the chef of Narutoya+Tenzo in Komachi, Kamakura. Photos were taken of dishes chosen by Yosuke and piled high with cuisine derived from seasonal vegetables throughout the year.
It all started with a bowl from Vessel Weather on which Mr. Ichikawa piled his cuisine. It is an easy-going and conscientious book of cuisine and vessels, featuring events like Mr. Ichikawa coming across a single dish, and visiting the workshop of the potter who made the dish, Yuuji Muraki.
Date of publication : First printing June 20, 2006
Ryori:Yosuke Ichikawa
Author: Tomoo Shoken
Photographs: Tomoo Shoken
Book design: Keita Kamei
Publisher: Kind Vegetables, Kind Utsuwa Project
Publishing : Rutles Inc.

© Tomoo Shoken
printed in japan
ISBN4-89977-149-5 c5077