An Everyday Utsuwa

I eat rice in an earthen vessel. However, simply doing so can mend one's soul. At the irreplaceable daily dining table, I want to use the rustic and beautiful vessel, which conveys the thoughts of the creator.
“Sometimes I think of the vessels passed down from this small place on the outskirts of Kamakura. What sort of story did the encounter come to after that?
I hope that whatever the vessel, it is loved by the person who uses it.
I hope that it passes time little by little in the heart of someone's palm, eventually assuming an irreplaceable existence, and dissolves into that individual’s life.”
Date of publication : First printing November 30, 2008
Author: Tomoo Shoken
Photographs: Tomoo Shoken
Book design: Eiji Sakagawa, Ayako Nagai (Sakagawa design office)
Publisher: Shigeo Wakamori
Publishing : Kawadeshoboshinsha
Printing & Binding: Toppan inc.

© Tomoo Shoken
printed in japan
ISBN978-4-309-27060-9 c0077