DVD Book Utsuwa People, Ono Teppei

This DVD book highlights material gathering and photography spanning the course of one year in the life of Teppei Ono, a dish-maker who built a workshop on a plateau in the beautiful rice terraces spanning Kochi, at an altitude of 450 meters. From loading pieces to be fired in the wood-burning kiln to retrieving pieces from the kiln, this work of art allows viewers to become acquainted with vessel-making in a way that would ordinarily go unseen. In the process of his production, we could truly feel that the vessels themselves are wrought from that which is the source of life: earth, fire, and water. Then we come to the point of thinking deeply about why the vessel creator Teppei Ono moved away from Tokoname, the city of pottery, to craft ceramics here, in this place.
Date of publication : First printing April 25, 2007
Movie: Masahiko Kudo
Author: Tomoo Shoken
Photographs: Tomoo Shoken
Design: Keita Kamei
Publisher: Utsuwa People, Ono Teppei Project
Publishing : Rutles Inc.

© Tomoo Shoken
printed in japan
ISBN4-89977-149-5 c5077