Post card book『VOICE OF UTSUWA』Now on sale

Postcard book product launch.

The artist is posing a question to the world through the work. If you settle yourself down and listen carefully, you will find a rich world spoken by words emanating from a vessel that does not speak.VOICE OF UTSUWA is a postcard book that offers us the opportunity to”feel the vessel and present the vessel.”It is made from VENT NOUVEAU, the best paper produced by Takeo, and contains 32 beautiful postcards that reproduce the texture, color and presence of vessels. The cards, which allow one to enjoy the beauty of vessels through the rich world of paper, come in a drawers-type cosmetic box that has the feeling of an elegant confectionery box. It also includes the artist’s profile and comments, written in both Japanese and English.

The pleasure of postcards lies in using one’s pen to write words, attaching a postage stamp, and posting the card—in dedicating this sequence of time to the person you are writing to. We hope you will select these postcards as a gift for that special someone.



BOX size:12×24cm


produced by utsuwa shoken

photographs: yusuke nishibe  design: masaharu naka text: tomoo shoken

publishing house:
shoken inc. |

printed in japan

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